Chainabuse Public API (v1.2)

Email: [email protected] | License: Proprietary API

Welcome to the Chainabuse API

Chainabuse is on a mission to enable a safer web3.

We power the largest multi-chain, reliable, real-time database of crypto scams worldwide. We enable our Partners: pre-vetted trust and safety solutions, leading crypto organizations, law enforcement partners, and top investigators to report scams.

Using the Chainabuse API, you can:

  1. Verify whether addresses and domains have been reported as linked to scams before you or your users sign dangerous transactions.
  2. Retrieve scam reports, including specific risk indicators and IOCs they contain, using personalized filters.
  3. Report URLs or addresses linked to malicious activity to contribute and alert the space.

Chainabuse provides the following API endpoint categories to its customers:

Get ReportScreeningEnables Partners to continuously verify whether addresses or URLs have been reported as linked to malicious activity, to either alert their users before they sign a dangerous transaction or inform their product development.
Get ReportRetrievingEnables Partners to retrieve scam reports, including addresses or URLs reported as linked to malicious activity and specific risk indicators and indicators of compromises those reports contain, using filters.
Post ReportReportingAllows users to create reports in batch to report addresses and/or domains linked to malicious activity.
Get Report IDLooking upEnables users to access a specific scam report using its ID number.

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