Spam detection and reports acuracy

Parameters to filter information

Chainabuse Blockchain intelligence team prevents reporting of spam, reviews every report against spam, and attributes a confidence score to every report.

1/ Spam prevention

Chainabuse maintains a 'SAFELIST' of blockchain addresses and URLs that users may confuse with scams but are not scams and cannot be reported as such.

2/ Spam detection

Chainabuse Blockchain intelligence team reviews reports against spam to ensure our platform remains a safe place for every user. Spam is removed. Users deliberately trying to post spam are banned.

3/ Confidence score

When verifying reports, Chainabuse Blockchain intelligence team attributes a confidence score to every report. This score can be leveraged as a filter or simply retrieved when using our API.

’ Trusted Contributor’ Badge/score

The blue ‘Trusted Contributor’ badge means that this report was filed by a pre-vetted partner from the Web3 Security Network, who can attest to the information provided on the report.

’ Checked Report’ Badge/score

The green ‘Checked by Chainabuse’ badge indicates that our team of moderators, including blockchain intelligence experts specializing in identifying crypto crime, checked the report, using specific criteria based on the type of scam and the blockchain and have enough evidence (including evidence which is not shared publicly for security reasons) to believe it is accurate. Please note that there can be no guarantee that the information is 100% accurate.

’Unverified Report’ Badge

The “Not Verified Report” Badge means that this report has not been shared by a Trusted Contributor and could not be verified by our blockchain intelligence experts. It does not mean it is spam, else it would have been removed, but we recommend that you use it with caution.

When using the API, you can filter reports using badges, e.g., only see reports shared by Trusted Contributors and that have been verified by our team of blockchain intelligence experts.

**4/ Additional verifications

Chainabuse allows users to flag potential spam or false reports. Flagged reports are reviewed by the Global Investigations team of TRM, composed of former agents from the FBI, U.S. Secret Service, IRS-CI, and others who specialize in identifying crypto crime removed if deemed to be spam reports.