Protecting users information

Users publish reports with the username of their choice or choose to report as a guest. In addition:

  • All the information shared by users within reports focuses exclusively on the scammer’s information** - such as the scammer’s wallet address, domain, and email. It does not include information about the victim.
  • Users report information about their cases voluntarily.
  • Chainabuse never publishes users’ information or shares it as part of its API.

Chainabuse does not collect users’ personal information. The only exception to that is:

  • If the user voluntarily uses the email of their choice to log in.
  • If the user opts in to be contacted by Law Enforcement, they will be asked to provide their name, location, and email voluntarily.
  • If the user opt-ins to receive support on their case, they will be asked to share their email so Chainabuse can contact them to provide support.
  • Chainabuse does not share nor sell any user personal information with third parties without prior explicit consent from the user.

Chainabuse may use aggregated and anonymized user information to understand how the platform is used and improve the user experience and effectiveness. You can find our privacy terms here: