Source of information

Chainabuse Trusted Network

Chainabuse powers the largest trust Network worldwide as we enable our pre-vetted Partners:

  • Trust and safety detection solutions powered by security experts
  • Leading Investigators

as well as victims of scams, to report the following information voluntarily and in a structured, actionable way:

  • Domains/URLs/ websites associated with malicious crypto activity
  • Crypto addresses associated with scams - contracts or wallet address
  • IP addresses, social media handles associated, and other Indicators of Compromise associated with scammers.

Chainabuse does verify the reported information to assess a confidence score for each report. This confidence score can be used as a filter when using the API - you can decide only to use reports with a certain confidence score. For more information, please check the section "Accuracy of information."

For more information, please reach out to [email protected].