Contributing - Offering instant scam support


Victims of scams lack a go-to place to get immediate support on their case, including advice on what to do immediately, support to contact law enforcement, and options on what to do next, including recovering funds.

How Chainabuse helps Partners offer instant scam support to their users seamlessly within their product

  1. User of a Chainabuse's Partner wants to report a scam. They visit Partner's Support Page and click on "Report a Scam"
  2. User can learn more about Chainabuse before deciding whether they want to self-report

  1. User click on "Report a scam". They can connect with their wallet on Chainabuse and select the username of their choice or use their public wallet address as a username.

  1. User enters their case details and opts-in to receive immediate advice. As an option, user can share their contact details with Law Enforcement.

  2. User receives immediate advice based on their case, including advice on what to do immediately, personalized support to contact LE, optional investigative support from our pre-vetted leading partner.

  3. User can access additional information - preventive education, safety practices, recovery insights on Chainabuse's Safety Support Center.

Additionnal information

Please reach out to [email protected] for any additional information, including sanitized examples of how Partners allow users to report scams seamlessly on Chainabuse.