Enhance protection


Teams working on security and safety features or simply offering products to their customers need access to a reliable database of malicious crypto addresses and URLs in order to, for example, enhance their detection capabilities.

How Chainabuse API supports product safety teams

Chainabuse Get Report API supports security teams in detecting risks and threats.

  1. Users leverage Chainabuse Get Report API to check specific addresses and domains reported as malicious.
  2. Chainabuse returns immediate associated reports, including their full description and any additional information, such as scammer Indicator of Compromise, scam category, and the amount lost.
  3. Teams can use this intelligence to build their security features.

Chainabuse can provide specific access to the API to allow users to retrieve reports without having to screen specific URLs/ domains - for example, to retrieve reports during a date range upon request.

Additionnal information

Please contact [email protected] for any additional information, including detailed information on our database.