Chainabuse Public API (v1.2)

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Welcome to the Chainabuse API

Chainabuse is on a mission to make web3 safer for all. We power the largest multi-chain, reliable, real-time database of malicious crypto activity worldwide across 16 categories of malicious crypto activity.

Those specific scams and their associated information can be hard to detect simply using AI/ML and are better identified when reported by victims and expert investigators.

Our API enables you to check whether URLs or addresses have been reported as malicious in real-time. This can be used, for example, to enhance safety.

Can all the information from Chainabuse be retrieved using our API?

Please note that for security reasons, not all reported information is made available through our API (such as evidence, geolocation, and contact information).

This information is only made available to our pre-vetted Partners -pending on the user's opt-in- through Chainabuse Pro. Chainabuse Pro is a gated software module that helps investigators accelerate triaging and investigation of cases and enhances fraud detection by leveraging Chainabuse's enriched data. For more information on Chainabuse Pro, please contact [email protected].

Chainabuse Data sources:

Chainabuse empowers victims worldwide to report crypto crimes and opt-in to receive free instant-advice support on their case. The more victims report, the more Chainabuse can help link multiple reports of the same scam and increase the chances that funds can be recovered. What is more, our network of security partners: top investigators, and security providers also report malicious activity, including scammer's IOCs.

Data reliability:

Chainabuse does have a spam detection system and provides a confidence score to reports. When you leverage the API, you can filter the information based on whether it has been verified. You can find information about our spam detection system here.

Using the Chainabuse API, you can:

  1. Verify whether crypto addresses - contracts or wallets - and URLs have been reported as malicious.
    • If that is the case, you will see the number of times the blockchain address or URL has been reported, including the report's public information - scammer's information, public description of the case, the amount lost, and more - as well as the confidence score of the report.
  2. Report URLs, blockchain addresses, and token IDs linked to malicious activity to make the space safer.

Chainabuse provides the following API endpoint categories to its customers:

Get ReportScreeningEnables Partners to continuously check whether specific blockchain addresses (contracts or wallets), token IDs, or URLs have been reported as malicious.
Post ReportReportingAllows users to create reports in batch to report addresses and/or domains that are malicious.
Get Report IDLooking upEnables users to access a specific scam report using its ID number.

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