Request limits and rate

This page will help you get started with chainabuse. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Request limits - for every user

  • Every Chainabuse user can generate an API Key with a usage limit of 10 calls per month (1 call= maximum of 50 reports) to help users stay safe and enable them to check blockchain addresses and domains before signing a potentially dangerous transaction.
  • Users can also use the Search bar on the Chainabuse platform to check whether crypto addresses and websites have been reported.

Accessing more requests

For security reasons, this is only made available to pre-vetted organizations. Please reach out to [email protected] to explore access.

  • Speed limit: max 5,000 calls/ hour.
  • Response time: P50 75ms, P95 607ms.
  • Looking to access a Sanctions API? We recommend using TRM Labs free Sanctions API. Chainabuse’s API has been set up to perform at the same speed to facilitate the implementation of both APIs.