Screening - Protecting users


Web3 users often do not have time or resources to check addresses or URLs before signing a transaction. This presents a risk of exposure to numerous hacks, thefts, fraud, and blackmail scams. In the meantime, to protect their users, organizations, such as wallets, need to access a comprehensive database of crypto scams in real time across chains.

How Chainabuse API supports wallets to protect their users

Chainabuse Get Report API helps wallets screen addresses and URLs to verify whether they have been reported by Chainabuse's Network as malicious and alert their users before they sign a dangerous transaction.

  1. A user is about to sign a transaction using a leading wallet
  2. Before the user signs the transaction, the wallet provider performs a test: it screens the URL and the address the user is about to transact with, consuming Chainabuse's direct Get Report Screening API
  3. Suppose the URL and/or address have been reported by the Network as linked to malicious activity. In that case, Chainabuse will immediately return reports and specific risk indicators and indicators of compromises they contain.
  4. The wallet provider can decide to either:
  • Option 1: Alert the user, let them access reports and make their own decision based on their risk appetite. Example of a wallet's partner UI

Option 2: Pre-block the transaction to protect the user. _Example of a wallet's partner UI__

Additionnal information

Please reach out to [email protected] for any additional information, including:

  • Sanitized examples of how our Partners leverage Chainabuse's API to protect their users in real-time
  • Which information they choose to display to their users.