Alert the space


Web3 users lack a go-to place to alert the crypto space on scams to (A) stop scammers from harming additional victims and (B) facilitate stolen funds recovery.

How Chainabuse API helps Partners alert the space in real-time

Chainabuse Post Report API allows users to report scams across different blockchains while having a concrete impact. This reported information is leveraged in real-time to alert Chainabuse's Partners:

  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Leading crypto organizations, such as wallets, exchanges, and other institutions seeking to protect their users and community
  • Trusted investigative partners that can assist victims
  • Any web3 user who wishes to leverage Chainabuse to verify addresses and domains

What is more, this information is leveraged to help link multiple reports of the same scam together and increase chances that funds can be recovered.

  1. User reports malicious addresses and/or domains in bulk using the Post Report API.
  2. Chainabuse will return immediate risk indicators to any user who leverages the Chainabuse API to verify those addresses or domains before signing a transaction.
  3. Chainabuse will return reports immediately to any Law Enforcement Partner investigating a linked case.
  4. If those scams target a Chainabuse Partner's community, the Partner will be alerted in real-time.
  5. In addition, Chainabuse is a member of the Beacon Network, the first public-private communication network to accelerate the recovery of stolen crypto funds.

Additionnal information

Please reach out to [email protected] for any additional information.